Saturday, May 1, 2010

Choosing name for our daughter

Here are a few things that we considered when we were choosing a name for our newborn baby. Most of the idea is inspired from the book 'Conception, pregnancy and birth' by Dr. Miriam Stoppard.
  1. We hoped that the name is suitable for her at all stages of life.
  2. We took extra caution not to have any reason why our child might be teased because of the name we've chosen.
  3. We also think that the name should have good meaning.
  4. In case of nationality and traditions, we liked to give her a Myanmar name that follows traditions. For example, to have a first name that matches with the weekday she was born.
  5. We like a name because of its sound. It should be naturally harmonious and sounds good like a sweet music. It should also be read smoothly like a poem.
  6. We like to have one word from father's name and one word from mother's name in the name of our baby.
  7. Although we might be influenced by many considerations, we had to remind ourselves that the name we were choosing was for our baby, and hopefully it will please her throughout the whole of her life.

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