Monday, September 15, 2014

Galaxy Note 2 Screen Replacement

My Samsung Galaxy note 2 screen was broken and I need to change it. The screen is still working and only the glass was broken. Thiri helped me to order the replacement screen online and it cost around 15 SGD. After taking out the back cover, battery, SIM card, memory card, and stylus, the 11 screws as shown in the following figure was removed.

Thereafter, use a pry opener tool to push out the back layer.

Then, remove another 4 shorter screws.

And take out the connectors to remove the circuit boards.

Then apply heat to the screen using hot air pencil. You can use hair dryer also. Instead of guitar picks, I used copper core of a wire to remove the screen.

After cleaning the surface of the screen, put some double sided tape along the margin.

Then, put the new screen after peeling off the plastic layer on it.

This is the repaired screen.

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