Wednesday, November 25, 2015

CC2531 Zigbee USB Dongle

In this article, we discuss about using CC2531 USB Evaluation Module Kit for wireless communication. At first, a zip file - CC USB Firmware Library and Examples, was downloaded from TI's website. After that, USB RF Modem Example in CC USB Software Examples User’s Guide was tested.

CC2531 Zigbee Wireless USB Dongle

CC2530DK_EM module from one of the SmartRF05EB boards was detached and CC2531 USB Dongle was connected to it at P3 - ExtSoC Debug connector. For power supply, a USB cable was required to connect to CC2531 dongle.

Connecting CC2531 to RF05 Board for debugging.

Then, usb_app_ex.eww in the unzipped folder 'ide' was opened using IAR EW. Because of version difference in IAR, dialog boxes came out. And we just went forward by clicking 'OK' and 'Yes'. In the drop down list near the upper left corner of IAR IDE, rf_modem - rfusb_cc2531 was selected. When we did 'clean' and 'rebuild all' for the project, some warning came out. But there was no problem in ignoring them. When we made 'Download and Debug', there was a linker error. Going to 'Project' menu -> 'Options'-> 'Linker' -> Config -> Linker configuration file and changing it to C:\Program Files (x86)\IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench 7.2\8051\config\devices\Texas Instruments\lnk51ew_cc2531F256.xcl solved the problem. After that, downloading the firmware and debugging were ok.

RF Modem settings.

When CC2531 USB dongle was detached from debug connector and connected to a USB port, the computer installed its driver. We used usb_cdc_driver_cc2531.inf in the unzipped folder- 'driver' for it. A virtul comm port was appeared and we opened it using 38400 baud, 8 bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, hardware handshaking.

After that, another RF05 board with CC2530 EM is connected to the computer with IAR IDE. In IAR IDE, rf_modem - srf05_cc2530 was chosen at the drop down list near the upper left corner. Similar to previous one, Linker configuration file was chosen as C:\Program Files (x86)\IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench 7.2\8051\config\devices\Texas Instruments\lnk51ew_cc2530F256.xcl. After downloading the firmware, the LCD screen of RF05 board showed 'Device Role: Device 1'. If necessary, the joystick can be used to select it. After Button 1 was pressed to confirm it, the LCD screen showed 'MRFI RF modem Device 1 ready'. After connecting its RS232 to computer, we found that CC2530EM and CC2531USB dongle could send and receive data wirelessly.

RF Modem board.

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