Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Using 3rd party CC2530 modules

I would like to talk about 3rd party CC2530 modules - ( a first one and a second one ) that I bought from Aliexpress. In a previous article, I talked about CC2530DK from TI. In this post, using SmartRF05EB to debug 3rd party module is discussed.

Figure. A small CC2530 module whose size is 13 mm x 18 mm.

At first, the original CC2530EM module is removed from SmartRF05EB. Then, third party CC2530 module is connected to External SoC debug of SmartRF05EB. To supply 3.3V to the external module from SmartRF05EB, R30 near the debug connector is short circuited with 0 ohm resistor. Voltage for IO pins of external module is to supply from pin 2 of debug connector. For that one, you might need to connect pin 9 back to pin 2.

Figure. Debug port of SmartRF05EB. Loop back pin 9 to pin 2 if the external module does not connect anything to this pin.

To change the baud rate of UART bridge program from 9600 to 115200, smpl_nwk_config.dat or uart.c file in IAR EW is modified as shown below.

Figure. Modifying UART baud rate to 115200.

A quick setup for testing. UART pins of CC2530 (Rx: P0.2, Tx: P0.3) connect to an FTDI cable.

Figure. Debugging an external CC2530 module.

Figure. Some info

Figure. Since this module has 3.3V regulator, power from FTDI connector can be used to supply it.

Figure. A screen shot while the listening module is in action.

Cutecom can be launched as follow.
sudo cutecom

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