Thursday, October 4, 2018

MySQL Connector C++ 8.0 with wxWidgets

Let us discuss about using MySQL Connector C++ 8.0 with wxWidgets. Details about setting up and using wxWidgets, and MySQL server and connector can be found at the following links.

ceMySQL.h Cross-platform C++ programming with wxWidgets

Using MySQL Database with C++ on Various Platforms Including ARM Single Board Computers

For this example, by using MySQL Workbench, we will create a database called 'mytest' and a table called 'mytable' in the MySQL server that is to be connected and used.

Figure 1. Creating a database 'mytest' and a table 'mytable' using MySQL Workbench.

A class module for MySQL Connector C++ called ceMySQL is implemented in

ceMySQL.h ( and

ceMySQL.cpp (

ceMySQL class is used in the wxWidgets example program,

wxmysql.cpp (,

to demonstrate select, insert, update, and delete operations. The commands in the script file (Listing 4), can be used to build and run the program.

g++ wxmysql.cpp ceMySQL.cpp -std=c++11 \
    `wx-config --cxxflags --libs` \
    -I /usr/local/mysql/connector-c++-8.0/include \
    -L /usr/local/mysql/connector-c++-8.0/lib64 \
    -lmysqlcppconn8 -o wxmysql
Listing 4. Commands to build and run MySQL Connector C++ 8.0 wxWidgets

The GUI of the program and its output are shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Using MySQL C++ connector 8.0 with wxWidgets.

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