Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reverse Macro Ring

Macro lens for close up photos are expensive for me. There are some cheap converter lens, but I don't like to use them after trying a few shots. Later, I found a link about home-made reverse ring here. The followings are about my home made reverse ring. I didn't have an old filter. Therefore, I bought the cheapest body cover ( 5 SGD) and filter (10 SGD).
Then, I made a hole in the Body Cap. Filter was a new one and it was OK to leave as it was. But I thought it was better to remove the glass and I broke it using a hammer. To prevent the scattering of glass debris, you should pack it with a paper or a plastic or stick it with a piece of tape before you break it.

After putting them together, it became as shown. Take care, to put the thread outside. They must be glued at the sides that has no thread.

Lens can be fastened in reverse now. The smaller the mm, the bigger the magnification. You can push the aperture lever to get a bigger aperture. I think 50 mm prime lens may be the best to use with reverse ring.

Here are a few shots I tried with this reverse ring.

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